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Join Beautiful Skin Club MembershipOur membership is a monthly treatment program to promote healthy, radiant skin. Members treat themselves to monthly chemical peels or crystal-free microdermabrasions, polishing away dead skin and stimulating the growth of new skin and collagen.

Membership is ideal for 2 types of clients:

  • Clients with problematic skin who are in the maintenance stage of their skin care program. These clients have been consulted, diagnosed, treated over a period of time and are now looking for a monthly maintenance program that will save them time and money.
  • Clients who want to look and feel their best at any age! Monthly treatments are a perfect way to keep signs of aging at bay.

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Read the program details in the membership form and bring the completed form to our center during office hours.

(NOTE: Membership must run for a minimum period of 12 months)

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