Fire and Ice

Mill Creek Skin & Laser Fire and Ice Rejuvenation

Mill Creek Skin & Laser Center has been providing expert laser treatments since 2005. With the addition of the new Glacial treatment added in 2021, we unlocked a wide variety of opportunities in rejuvenation protocol for us.

One of them is our Fire & Ice treatment, which combines the power of our Picosure, Focus & Glacial treatments, together.

By combining these treatments, we can achieve our most optimum results yet, while minimizing any side effects with additional benefits.

This treatment provides:

  • Collagen Creation
  • Skin tightening, lifting,
  • Brightening, evening, and radiance skin
  • Reducing: fine lines, wrinkles, inflammation, redness, and sebum.
  • Can be treated on Face, Neck, Chest, Arms & Legs for any sun-damaged skin
  • No downtime

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