Laser Tattoo Removal

Mill Creek Skin and Laser Center was the first establishment in Washington state to perform laser tattoo removal, and the team has been building their repertoire of extensive clinical experience since 2009.

Through his experience, Dr. Lin has learned that tattoos scar skin and trap pigments underneath, so he created a treatment protocol using a combination of lasers, including PicoSure Pro®, to specifically target the tattoo ink and the scar individually, without harming the surrounding tissue. This method also allows for faster, more effective removal, as well as less scarring, providing a more beautiful result.

No two tattoos are the same and at our clinic, Dr. Lin has treated a diverse range of tattoos.Notably, he is the sole doctor in our region specializing in the removal of permanent eyebrow tattoos. Our primary objective is not only to eliminate the tattoo ink but also to restore the skin to its original texture and color.”

The majority of patients who undergo laser tattoo removal do not develop any scarring. We take extreme precautions to prevent scarring. However, it is impossible to guarantee that no scarring will occur given the vast difference between individuals. Mill Creek Skin & Laser Center offers scar treatment as well.

How it works?

At Mill Creek Skin & Laser Center, Dr. Lin has made it proprietary to use a combination of lasers with thePicoSure Pro® to provide unmatched versatility of all-color tattoo removal, ensuring a high level of safety for each patient.

With our years of experience and having treated a variety of patients, we have learned that relying solely on thePicoSure Pro® laser may not be sufficiently effective in completely removing tattoos, especially considering underlying issues related to the original tattoo. Through the strategic combination of lasers with the PicoSure Pro®, we’ve not only addressed unwanted tattoos but also successfully treated the scarring left behind.

Mill Creek Skin & Laser Center provides a unique approach to laser tattoo removal. Since 2009, our Dr. Lin has been creating his own proprietary laser combination that has been extraordinary in the tattoo removal industry. Dr. Lin is dedicated to working with each patient to find personalized solutions to improve the results of your tattoo removal to become the best that they can be. We welcome first time tattoo removal patients, stubborn tattoos, and anyone in between. If you have a tattoo that appears “cooked”, has been stagnant in progress from other removal treatments, or is just not to your satisfaction, please come in for a free consultation to learn what we can do for you.

Brow Tattoo Removal

Brow trends can be ever-changing. There are several reasons why someone might consider removing their brow tattoo, including a change in personal style, unsatisfactory results, changes in skin, color fading, or distortion.

While tattoo removal is typically entrusted to specialized laser technicians, if the desired tattoo removal involves the face, Dr. Lin is the sole practitioner who does the treatment for the safety of the patient during the removal process. It is essential to note that permanent/semi-permanent makeup inks differ from traditional tattoo inks. From extensive experience, Dr. Lin strongly advises patients to undergo a test spot first due to the potential for a chemical reaction in permanent/semi-permanent inks, resulting in a darker appearance. Once the ink darkens, it may become irreversible. Conducting a test spot ensures patients gain a better understanding of the potential outcome before proceeding with a full treatment.



  • Treat using the world’s fastest and most current laser tattoo removal technology – the PicoSure Pro® Laser – combined with other lasers to boost treatment for optimal results
  • We can treat all skin types
  • Faster results
  • Safe and effective

Due to the difference of ink and the depth of tattoo being done, all laser tattoo removal will vary from patient to patient.


We can treat tattoos of all different sizes and colors. We treat professional, amateur (homemade), traumatic, surgical, and certain cosmetic tattoos.

The treatment feels similar to getting a tattoo. The area in which you are being treated affects sensitivity. For example, fatty areas tend to be less painful than bony areas. That being said, patient comfort is one of our top priorities, which is why we use a cooling system to provide comfort and protect the surrounding skin.

Most tattoos require several sessions spaced four to eight weeks apart in order to be completely removed.

Recovery and Results

After treatment, you may experience slight redness, swelling, or pinpoint bleeding in the treated area. This feels similar to a sunburn and will gradually disappear within 48 hours. Please read the pre- and post-treatment information provided for further care instructions.

The treated tattoo will begin to fade over the next six to eight weeks as your body processes and eliminates the ink particles.

What Our Clients Say

It is very difficult to determine the number of treatments that may be required to remove your tattoo. Every tattoo is unique. The size, quality, type of ink used, color, location, and depth of the tattoo will all be determining factors.

Laser tattoo removal is not an overnight treatment; it can often take several treatments combined with strict adherence to proper care between sessions. Additionally, our doctor will be available to help if any complications should arise. You can learn more about this during your complimentary consultation.

The majority of patients who undergo laser tattoo removal do not develop any scarring. We take extreme precautions to prevent scarring. However, it is impossible to guarantee that no scarring will occur given the vast difference between individuals. Mill Creek Skin & Laser Center offers scar treatment as well.

The process of removing tattoos is to break the ink down into tiny particles in the quickest way so that they can be more efficiently processed and eliminated from the body. The faster clearing of tattoo ink equals fewer treatments and less risk of scarring for you.

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