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We’ve been treating tattoos since 2009 and have extensive clinical experience in laser tattoo removal.

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PicoSure delivers laser energy that specifically targets tattoo ink without harming the surrounding tissue.

We Understand Tattoos

A tattoo scars your skin with the color trapped under it and we treat both the tattoo and the scar at the same time.

“I’ve been having my neck tattoos removed. It’s been a lengthy process but I promise you if you want a tattoo removed this works. But it is a process and if you’re looking for results in a couple treatments you’re going to be disappointed. I have a friend who does this for a living in Kentucky. He even agrees that the results on my neck are incredible. I ice before I get a treatment and ice till the heat is gone after. I have no regrets doing this process. I no longer look like a tattooed biker working in business. Thanks guys!!” *

Craig W, 2017

*Individual results may vary

Before & After
PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal

“I am getting tattoo removal done at Mill Creek Skin and Laser Center and I have my 3rd session tonight. I chose this location because they have late evening and Saturday appointments available and they have the Picosure laser. They matched another quote that I received so I am happy with the financial/appointment side of things…” *

Katelynn C, 2015

*Individual results may vary

We can treat tattoos of all different sizes and colors. We treat professional, amateur (homemade), traumatic, surgical, and certain cosmetic tattoos.

The treatment feels similar to getting a tattoo. The area in which you are being treated affects sensitivity. For example, fatty areas tend to be less painful than bony areas. That being said, patient comfort is one of our top priorities which is why we use a cooling system to provide comfort and protection of the surrounding skin integrity.


POST-TREATMENT: Redness, slight swelling



Download the pre and post-treatment instructions form and learn what do to before and after your treatment.

Download Tattoo Removal Form

Remember to sign the form and bring it with you to your appointment.

After treatment, you may experience slight redness, swelling, or pinpoint bleeding in the treated area. This feels similar to sunburn and will gradually disappear within 48 hours. A cold compress and hydrocortisone cream will improve these minor side effects. Please read the pre and post- tattoo removal treatment form that is provided prior to your treatment for further care instructions.

It is very difficult to determine the number of treatments that may be required to remove your tattoo. Every tattoo is unique. Size, quality, type of ink used, color, location, and depth of the tattoo will all be determining factors.

Laser tattoo removal is not an overnight treatment; it can often take several treatments combined with strict adherence to proper care between treatments. Additionally, our doctor will be available to help if any complications should arise. You can learn more about this during the complimentary consultation.

The majority of patients treated by laser tattoo removal should not develop any scarring. We also take extreme precautions to prevent scarring. However, it is impossible to guarantee that no scarring will occur given the vast difference between individuals. Mill Creek Skin & Laser Center offers scar treatment as well.

“I was looking for a place close by to do tattoo removal. I only needed some black and grey inkwork lightened up in order to facilitate a better coverup in the near future… The laser tech who did my removal was a tattoo enthusiast himself and made my removal process quick and although painful, at least bearable. Price is up there with most but I only needed one laser sitting – after healing my arm should be perfect for a new coverup piece. I would recommend them to anyone who asked, A+.” *

Aniya R, 2014

*Individual results may vary

Why Mill Creek Skin & Laser Center

Mill Creek Skin & Laser Center combines science and aesthetics to promote healthier, more beautiful skin. We specialize in proven and highly effective non-surgical treatments to help you achieve your desired results.

Mill Creek offers a full range of injectables, body contouring, laser treatments, light therapies, and beauty services and products. We have over 14 years’ experience in finding the right combination of treatments for each unique client.

Our doctor is one of the top Allergan injectors nationwide and does all Botox and filler injections personally. Our master technician is triple-certified in CoolSculpting and won the Best Non-Surgical Body Enhancement Award in 2015.

Your journey to more beautiful skin begins with a free one-on-one consultation with our doctor or a professional esthetician. We’ll work together to develop a program to restore and/or maintain your skin or just answer any questions you may have about our services.

Our doctor and professional aestheticians are trained in the latest and most advanced techniques in medical cosmetics.

Mill Creek Skin & Laser Center invests in a wide range of lasers and devices that ensure our clients achieve the highest results. Our lasers and modalities can be used singularly or in combination to achieve optimal results.

Dr. Lin has a comprehensive knowledge of laser physics and advanced laser training. He attends Harvard conferences each year to collaborate, test, and review the newest and most effective procedures, treatments, and medical devices. This keeps our clinic current and at the forefront of technology.

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