The Life Changing Laser Treatment for the
Prevention and Restoration of your
Vaginal Health – Mona Lisa Touch

The Mona Lisa Touch ®  is a painless and minimally invasive laser treatment for vaginal atrophy. This unique CO2 fractional laser was specifically created for the vaginal mucosa.  The Mona Lisa Touch ® procedure prevents and resolves estrogen drops in the vaginal tissue (typically occuring during menopause or after child birth) by gently acting on tissue of the vaginal mucosa which reactivates the production of new collagen, and reestablishes the functionality of the treated area, restoring the proper trophic balance to the mucous membrane.

The Mona Lisa touch is a medical treatment and therapy – not for cosmetic purposes. A full evaluation of your medical history and physical exam by your Gynecologist is required 3-6 months prior to undergoing the Mona Lisa vaginal atrophy procedure with the MonaLisa Touch ® at Mill Creek Skin & Laser.

The MonaLisa Touch ® Therapy treats:

  • Vaginal atrophy
  • Post menopausal issues
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Itching and burning
  • Vaginal tears
  • Loss of elasticity and tone
  • Painful intercourse


What are the benefits of the MonaLisa Touch ® Treatment?

  • Most effective non-surgical and non-pharmacological solution for preventing and treating vaginal atrophy and its after-effects, which many woman suffer from during menopause and after child-birth.
  • In-office vaginal laser treatment & procedure
  • No anesthesia required; only topical numbing if needed
  • Vaginal laser treatment rejuvenates vaginal and surrounding areas without scarring or damage to the surrounding tissues
  • A major treatment effect can be seen after a single therapy
  • Long-lasting improvement in symptoms for the majority of women
  • Restores sex life and marital harmony
  • MonaLisa treatment is quick, less than 15 minutes
  • Minimal to no discomfort
  • Virtually no side effects
  • No downtime
  • No more expensive drugs
  • Clinically proven
  • Simple, safe and effective vaginal laser therapy
  • FDA approved

Who is a candidate for the MonaLisa Touch Treatment ®

  • Patients who present with gynecologic changes due to decrease in estrogen
  • Natural or induced pre and post menopausal women
  • Patients with a history of breast cancer, thrombophlebitis or other contraindications to estrogen therapy
  • Women who cannot or do not want to undergo risky hormone replacement
  • Women with inadequate response to estrogen therapy or decline of treatment results with estrogen
  • Women who experience soreness or pain during sexual activity
  • Women who do not want to undergo major surgery but want relief from their symptoms

Why choose the MonaLisa Touch® procedure over other devices currently on the market?

  • Mill Creek Skin & Laser carefully evaluated all of the devices currently on the market and ultimately chose the MonaLisa Touch ®.
  • The MonaLisa Touch ® treatment is a CO2 fractional vaginal laser treatment specifically designed and FDA approved for vaginal atrophy. The other devices on the market (ex. ThermiVa) do not have approval for vaginal laser treatment, and their probes are not FDA approved.
  • The MonaLisa Touch ® is the only one with a clinically proven track record for safety, efficacy and patient satisfaction and the most studied in medical literature.
  • The MonaLisa Touch ® treatment offers significant advantages over current treatment involving medications.
  • The MonaLisa Touch ® creates longer-lasting relief (1-2 years) than current treatments with other modalities.
  • Other devices currently being marketed for non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation:
    • Femilift – a fractional CO2 laser, but more similar to standard lasers and not specifically designed for treating the vagina.
    • IntimaLase – a Er:YAG laser which delivers photothermal tightening of the vaginal canal but does not treat atrophic vaginal tissue.
    • ThermiVa – a radiofrequency (RF) device which uses direct bulk heating for vaginal contouring. While ThermiVa claims that it increases lubrication and improves vaginal function, there are no valid, peer reviewed studies that can be found to support these claims.ThermiVa is also not FDA approved for intra-vaginal use.

Who is not a candidate for the MonaLisa Touch ® Procedure

  • Pregnant or within 3 months postpartum, or nursing
  • Have had an abnormal pap smear
  • If you are under evaluation for issues related to gynecologic, urologic or gastrointeral diseases
  • History of reconstructive pelvic surgery with “mesh kits” or mesh in use for restoration surgery
  • Vaginal, cervical, or other lesions in the treatment area that have not been evaluated and diagnosed
  • Active vaginal or vulvar infection (herpes, candida, HPV, STDs)
  • Prolapse beyond hymen
  • History or radiation to vaginal/colo-rectal tissue
  • History of impaired wound healing
  • History of keloid formation
  • Known anticoagulation treatment or thromboembolic condition
  • Developing tumors or cancers in the area
  • Women who are treating post chemo or radiation therapy should wait at least 6 months after therapy has finished and will require a written authorization from their attending physician to treat with the MonaLisa Touch®.

Why choose Mill Creek Skin & Laser for MonaLisa Touch ® Treatment?

  • We already have extensive experience in laser medicine.
  • We invest in only the best – the best lasers and the most current technology in order to provide optimal outcomes for our patients, which is why we chose the Mona Lisa Touch ®.
  • The MonaLisa Touch ® is the International Gold Standard in technology for laser vaginal rejuvenation. Created specifically for vaginal treatments, and all studies in this area have been performed with this laser. This is an important consideration as science must always prove the success of a treatment before it should be used on patients.
  • The MonaLisa Touch ® is life-changing for women everywhere. We are so thrilled to be able to offer this amazing vaginal laser treatment & procedure to help women everywhere get back to a pain-free and more enjoyable lifestyle.
  • This procedure is done exclusively by Dr. Lin.

How does the Mona Lisa Touch® procedure work?

The Mona Lisa Touch ® procedure uses a fractionated CO2 laser to stimulate the body’s own regenerative processes, creating more hydrated and healthy cells, and improving the circulation and nutrient supply to the vaginal mucosa.

This has a direct effect on the integrity and elasticity of the vaginal wall and returned the internal vaginal environment to more normal levels.In as a little as 30 days after treatment, the regeneration of new tissue in the vaginal wall builds a naturally stronger structure and the protective mucosa recovers volume, hydration and elasticity.

Is the procedure painful?

There is no anesthetic required as the procedure itself is relatively quick and most patients don’t have any pain before or after the procedure. Some patients may experience some slight discomfort, but this is usually more from their initial symptoms rather than the treatment itself.

What can I expect after the procedure?

The vaginal laser treatment is generally well tolerated and patients do extremely well following the Mona Lisa Touch ® treatment & procedure however some patients may experience some mild irritation and vaginal discharge after the procedure.

Is there any downtime?

The Mona Lisa Touch ® requires no downtime. The only restriction is to refrain from intercourse for 7 days and avoid any rigorous exercise for at least 3 to 4 days following vaginal atrophy treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

Many patients report a noticeable difference in symptom relief after just one treatment, however, an initial series of three procedure is recommended, spaced at six week intervals, to achieve optimal and longer-lasting relief. In order to maintain results, a yearly treatment is highly recommended.

Pre and Post Treatment Instructions

Download the pre and post treatment form to learn about what to do before and after your treatment. Remember to sign the form and bring it with you to your appointment