I have to say this has been a life changing experience. Since the birth of my second child I had really appalling facial redness including raised capillaries. It just never went away.

No one had seen me without at least some makeup for almost 29 years. I’m an outdoor girl who loves camping, fishing and snorkeling. Had to put on makeup in a tent and gave up snorkeling altogether. I even refused diagnostic tests if it required makeup removal.

Over the years I’ve spent a fortune in time and money on makeup. Had to get up really early for work which made me tired. Was always worried about an ill-timed power outage.

Twice I was approached by men who mistook me for a “working girl”. Too much makeup!

So one day I got up my courage, found Mill Creek Skin and Laser online and made an appointment. I was absolutely terrified but went anyway. The staff were all just great. The laser treatment was a bit stingy but absolutely bearable and SO worth it.

The results have been amazing! And so affordable I could kick myself for not doing this much sooner. The staff were very up-front about expectations and I feel comfortable and confident putting my face in their hands. Since then I’ve had a cool sculpt treatment and am going for one last facial treatment.

Next year I’m going snorkeling in Hawaii and remote camping in Canada. I highly, highly recommend Mill Creek Skin and Laser and it’s staff. I’m now living in Canada but if I ever need anything else done I’ll be flying back for an appointment. It’s my face place.