Time marches on.
Welcome to the next chapter.


Time marches on.
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Time marches on.
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Mill Creek Skin & Laser

One of the Top Botox Injectors Nationwide

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Experience Matters

As an industry leader, Dr. Lin combines his knowledge and deep understanding of facial anatomy to deliver first-class results.

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Advanced Techniques

Botox® is technique driven. Dr. Lin spent years refining his skills and provides an exceptional outcome that patients love and trust.

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Listens and Cares

Dr. Lin understands facial aging. He listens and takes his time to achieve results that leave you looking younger, fresher, and more relaxed.

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Natural Results

Beautiful, natural-looking results are what you get when Dr. Lin combines his artistic eye with his skills and conservative approach.

“The best botox and fillers you could get anywhere. Dr. Lin studies the celebrities and knows exactly what procedures they have had to look that good. The best part? You know those saggy jowls that make you look like your family dog? Dr. Lin does lower face botox and raises and makes those jowls disappear. Its quite magical and almost looks like you had a facelift but better. You just look 15 years younger. Jennifer Lopez has this procedure done too. We secretly think Dr. Lin is her doctor but he will never admit it.” *
Tammy V, 2017
5 star review at Demandforce for Mill Creek Skin and Laser

*Individual results may vary

Before & After | Botox Treatments

*Individual results may vary

Before and after images of Botox treatment at Mill Creek Skin & Laser. Before and after images of Botox treatment at Mill Creek Skin & Laser.

Move slider to see results of Botox treatment at Mill Creek Skin & Laser.

“I love my Botox results by Dr. Lin!! He does a mini face lift by giving additional injections on my jaw line and chin. My results are immediate and natural looking. I am 55 and everyone tells me that I look 10 years younger! I also enjoy the entire staff at Mill Creek Skin Laser and appreciate their warm and friendly personalities. I highly recommend that you make an appointment with Dr. Lin today!”
Sheryl W, 2018
5 star review at Demandforce for Mill Creek Skin and Laser

*Individual results may vary

Botox Treatment Areas

Prevent teeth grinding and make face more oval

Bunny Lines
Smooth horizontal lines on the nose

Crows Feet
Reduce lines from the outer corner of the eye

Eyebrow Lifts
Relax the muscles that pull the brow line down

Forehead Lines
Diminish the appearence of forehead lines

Frown Lines
Relax lines caused by frowning

Glabellar Lines
Smoothe the vertical lines (the 11’s)

Gummy Smile
Relax the top lip to reduce a gummy smile

Gummy Smile
Relax the top lip to reduce a gummy smile

Dramatically reduce sweating in the armpits, palms

Lip Lines
Smooth lines on the upper and lower lip

Marionette Lines/Prejowl
Turn corners of mouth up to improve prejowl

Minimize the frequency and severity of migraines

Pitted/Orange Skin
Reduce the appearance of a dimpled chin

Under Eye Lines
Reduce tiny lines under eyes

Botox Treatment Benefits

  • Soften the appearance of physical wrinkles
  • Retrain muscle behavior to achieve longer-term results
  • Create a total liquid facelift effect by combining Botox with filler
  • Soften the lines between brows
  • Create a mini brow lift
  • Reduce the crow’s feet around the eyes
  • Lift up the corners of the mouth
  • Contour and shape the jawline
  • Decrease excessive underarm sweating (hyperhydrosis)
  • Relax vertical muscle neck bands
  • Control tension headaches
  • Reduce TMI symptoms
  • Fast results and virtually painless

“Posting reviews is not something I do on a regular basis – but I feel like I need to about my experience at Mill Creek Skin and Laser. 5 stars for everything!! Products, applications, customer service. I saw Dr Lin for fillers and Botox. He is an artist! Products are typically the same – it really is about the person performing the services. He is amazing – also very informative.

The other thing I loved was his honesty – the service I was initially going in for, he felt would not benefit me and said not to do it. It would not work….. when does that ever happen. I was very happy with the results with the procedure he did do and will continue.”
Liz S, 2016
5 star review at Yelp for Mill Creek Skin and Laser

*Individual results may vary


Botox is one of the most popular non-invasive FDA-approved cosmetic treatments today. It requires zero downtime, so you can come in and erase those signs of aging on your lunch break.

Treatment is quick, easy, and virtually painless. If you do experience any pain during the procedure it feels like a quick pinch to the skin.

When you meet with our Botox specialist for your consultation, we’ll address any specific questions or concerns you may have. Individual results may vary.

EXPECT RESULTS5 to 10 days
RESULTS3 to 6 months
When will I see results?

Our patients are able to see the result of Botox injections within 2 weeks. Lines continue to improve up to a month and results can last up to 4 months. Staying power can vary from individual to individual.

“Tell Dr. Lin that Taya Rose says he’s the best! He nails it every time. I’m loving my results and will be coming back again!”

Taya Rose, 2018
5 star review at Demandforce for Mill Creek Skin and Laser

Where can I download a treatment form?

Download the pre and post-treatment instructions form and learn what do to before and after your treatment.

Download Injectables Form

Remember to sign the form and bring it with you to your appointment.

What can I expect after treatment?

Typically, you can resume your normal activities without anyone knowing you just had treatment done. Some people can experience a little redness from the injections, but it should dissipate fairly quickly.

There is also a slight chance you may bruise at the injection site; however, we try to minimize any chance of bruising by following the pre-treatment protocol. If a bruise does occur, we have a laser that can be used immediately afterwards which will help speed up the recovery process. Arnica can also help resolve any bruising more quickly.

How many treatments are needed?

Patients see a vast improvement of wrinkles with one treatment. However, results are temporary. It’s recommended to have these injections every 3-4 months to maintain your results.

Hear a real patient share his experience with Botox. (01:35)

Why Mill Creek Skin & Laser


You are unique. And so is your treatment.

Botox is not a one-size-fits-all procedure. Dr. Lin customizes his treatment to your individual face and needs.

Through skilled observation and evaluation of your facial asymmetries and dynamic muscle action, he calculates the precise amount and placement of Botox needed to achieve optimal results.

Dr. Lin is one of the top Allergan injectors in the nation and does all Botox and filler injections personally because precision and patience is of upmost importance when it comes to your face.

Your journey to more beautiful skin begins with a free one-on-one consultation with our doctor or a professional esthetician. We’ll work together to develop a program to restore and/or maintain your skin, or just answer any questions you have about our services.


Our doctor and professional aestheticians are trained in the latest and most advanced techniques in medical cosmetics.

Mill Creek Skin & Laser invests in a wide range of lasers and devices that ensure our clients achieve the highest results. Our lasers and modalities can be used singularly or in combination to achieve optimal results.

Dr. Lin has a comprehensive knowledge of laser physics and advanced laser training. He attends Harvard conferences each year to collaborate, test, and review the newest and most effective procedures, treatments, and medical devices. This keeps our clinic current and at the forefront of technology.

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Mill Creek Skin & Laser combines science and aesthetics to promote healthier, more beautiful skin. We specialize in proven and highly effective non-surgical treatments to help achieve your desired results.

We offer a full range of injectables, body contouring, laser treatments, light therapies, and beauty services and products. We look forward to meeting you.


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