Why Choose Mill Creek Skin And Laser?

"Front Door of Mill Creek Skin and Laser, a medspa in Mill Creek, north of Seattle"

With almost 20 years of experience, Mill Creek Skin and Laser Center, a small business that has grown in the north city of Seattle, will talk about everything important to us in this post!

Our History, how everything started

Our story started in 2005, when laser treatments had just hit the market, unfortunately the industry was not prepared to handle the demand, resulting in below average performance.

Due to this lack of experience and knowledge on what lasers can do to different skin types, one of Dr. Lin’s close family member received a bad treatment that left a painful burn and skin damage. His family member asked him for help and it inspired him to begin his extensive studies in the industry.

After that, Dr. Lin  decided to open a clinic in Mill Creek that prioritizes safety, and combines a medical approach with aesthetics to use lasers to help, not harm people. Since then, he has been able to treat and fully heal the injuries his family members received, as well as thousands of other patients. By the way, Dr. Lin has an interesting background and a passion for learning more and more! 

Yann Lin, a MD that combines science and art!

Dr. Lin is one of the longest practicing physicians who specialize in laser and aesthetic skin therapy. He has been practicing in the medical field for over 30 years and in the laser and injectables field for over 20 years. His supreme education, knowledge, and experience has propelled him to become one of the highest rated injectors in North America.

"Dr. Lin is responsible for all treatments at Mill Creek Skin and Laser, holding the Glacial Icy Awards."

He received extensive medical school education and continues to attend Harvard Medical School for advanced training every year. Dr. Lin combined his medical field background with his expertise in cosmetic dermatology to become a pioneer in the injectable and laser industries. He takes a special approach to injections, in order to restore people’s natural, youthful, beauty through non-invasive treatments. 

Philosophy –  What makes Mill Creek Skin and Laser different?

At Mill Creek Skin and Laser we know that there is no one-size-fits-all laser for all skin types. Each one of us work closely with each patient and learn your skin, so that we may create a unique treatment regimen that is specifically curated to you.

We specialize in combining lasers to craft customized treatments that are tailored to be a perfect fit for your skin. Here, we personalize every treatment beyond the lasers, we also offer award winning services in body sculpting and injectables.

We care for each patient through every step of the process starting with a one-on-one consultation with our skin specialist, pre and post care, 3D photos, supplements, and top of the line products.

Our Team –  a well-trained team focused on delivering the best service for you.

Mill Creek Skin and Laser Center wouldn’t be the leading clinic that it is without our team. Dr. Lin leads our team from each member at the front desk, to every nurse, CoolSculpting technician, and master aesthetician, and he trains them with diligence and care to exceed industry standards.

Every year he attends advanced courses at Harvard Medical School in order to stay up to date with the latest technology and ensure that we are only offering the absolute best, safest, and most effective treatments. 

Mill Creek Skin and Laser Equipment – State-of-the-art technology brings treatments that work.

In our clinic, we invest in a broad spectrum of only the highest tested, rated, and FDA approved equipment. This diversity in tools allows us to successfully treat all skin types, for example, for our pigment treatments alone we have four different types of devices to target different kinds of pigments.

We are always keeping up with new trends in the aesthetic industry, if we do not offer a treatment it is because our doctor only chooses the procedures that are medically tested and proven with the highest results, we very carefully select our technology and only offer the absolute best to our patients.

We invite you to have a new experience in our MedSpa; book a free consultation. It will be a pleasure to help you on a self-love journey.