Why does Dr. Lin recommend Glacial Skin to all patients?

"An Asian woman doing a glacial skin treatment"

Find out why this treatment Glacial Skin is recommended by the top aesthetic providers in the country  in this exclusive interview with Mill Creek Skin and Laser Center’s medical director, DrYann. Lin MD, . and understand what it is, how it works, and why Dr. Lin recommends it to everyone.  

What is it Glacial Skin?  

Glacial Skin is a ground-breaking and one-of-a-kind, FDA-approved, Harvard-developed, non-invasive treatment that uses cryomodulation technology to target skin discoloration, leaving a refreshed, brightened, and more youthful skin tone.   

How Does It Work?  

The patented cooling technology stuns pigment production and greatly reduces any uneven pigment on the skin, including those that may be caused by photoaging due to UV exposure, and pigmentation from various causes.  

It also provides anti-inflammatory effects in reducing redness associated with photoaging, rosacea, and many more. It also suppresses the function of sebaceous glands and, therefore, reduces oily skin and acne.  

Cryomodulation stimulates collagen production, and it provides safe and effective treatment, especially in the skin around the eyes. It has a particularly unique role in controlling melasma better than any treatment before.  

Once Glacial Skin stuns the melanocytes– or pigment-producing cells in the skin, the new skin will regenerate with less pigmentation, sebum, inflammation, and redness.  .  

Why Does Dr. Lin Recommend Glacial Skin to Everyone?  

 Because it can be used effectively and safely on all Fitzpatrick skin types, as well as all areas of the body! Glacial Skin is unlike any other treatment in the world because of its revolutionary ability to successfully improve skin tone on all skin types and all areas  of the body.  

Dr. Lin says that long-term suppression of unwanted pigmentation has been historically difficult because of the constant effects of seasonal factors like sun exposure and heat. Now, the cooling cryomodulation technology of Glacial Skin can combat these factors and protect the investments you have made in your treatments, products, and skin all year round.  

In addition to improving the coloration of the skin, the treatment also stimulates collagen production– which is crucial to improve elasticity and reduce wrinkles, as well as suppresses sebaceous glands– which helps with acne control.  

Dr. Lin says the treatment is excellent on its own, but he especially recommends it in combination with your other skin treatments as it can greatly elevate the effects of many other procedures, allowing you to achieve the best results possible.

After figuring out everything that Glacial Skin can do with you, we invited you to book a free consultation to understand more about your skin type and see what Glacial Skin can help you to get your skin more radiant and shinier!